Powerless: Creating Situation

So one of the big things that Powerless lacks right now is a strong way of creating situation for the hero and pushing that down to the player. Adam suggested a GM to beat down on the hero in the background, with conflict being framed as a crisis of faith and confidence.

Well I've been mulling over this for a while now. I'm not convinced on a GM, but let's assume there is one. I think the way to achieve the above is for the GM to frame every scene. A scene consists of the hero at a moment of crisis. I'll give quick example. Batman is fighting the Joker. The Joker slips and falls over the edge of the building. Batman grabs his arms. Does Batman pull him up or does he fall to his death? Now play of that scene is turned over to a player. They have to frame a flashback. The flashbacks are similar to the confidence scenes in the first draft. In the flashback, they accumulate dice to apply to the hero's current conflict. Then we roll to resolve the conflict. The result of the conflict should have a positive or negative effect on the hero. Mechanics are fuzzy. But I think that will come more into focus.

I have two main problems with this right now. I've lost the endgame and I've lost the ability of the players to martyr their characters. It's not so much that I've lost them, as I don't see how they fit in the new framework. The endgame may not be as important (I wasn't happy with the old one either), but I think I will miss the martyring.

Hmmm. While I was writing this I had another idea. Imagine a DitV style exhange system. The conflict is still framed as above. Fallout to the GM has positive effects on the hero. Fallout to the player has negative effects. I kinda like this, but I don't want DitV's exact dice mechanic.

More stuff to ponder…


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