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Dreamation 2007 – carry. a game about war.

January 31, 2007

My first game of the con. Adam and I signed up for this game, because it wasn’t getting love on the signup sheet. This is a game that I only had passing knowledge of and it wasn’t really on my radar primarily because of the subject matter. carry is a game in which you play U.S. Marines fighting in the Vietnam War and dealing with their various burdens.

The game was run by the designer Nathan Paoletta and we played with Joshua A.C. Newman. My character went from being a snotty little shit to being a proud warrior that goes on to become a U.S. Congressman. This was all crossed into Adam’s story about his black soldier confronting racism, and Joshua’s about love and loyalty. It was a terrific session, and carry is a game that I want to play again.


Dreamation 2007

January 31, 2007

So I went to Dreamation 2007 this past weekend. It was my first trip to a convention, and it rocked. I didn’t have a single bad game, and I met a ton of people, some I knew from online chat and tons that I had only known them through their forum presences and/or games.

I traveled up with Adam Dray on Friday night, so he was able to introduce me to some people. The first thing we did after registration, was head to the big board to sign up for games. A lot of the games that I had originally wanted were all full, which is cool for Indie Games Explosion, but a little dissappointing. I got over it.

So the first game I got to play in was carry. a game about war. The game was run by the designer Nathan Paoletta. This was my first session of the con and it kicked it off with a bang. More about this game here, but the session definitely sold the game to me. Unfortunately I put off purchasing it and it sold out, so I’ll have to wait until it comes back into stock.

After carry, Adam, his friend Jon, and I spent some time talking about Adam’s game Verge. I love shop talk and Adam wasn’t completely happy with Verge, so we hashed out a new approach to his conflict resolution in a few hours. It wouldn’t last long. This took until about 3AM, so we went to sleep because I had a 9AM game the next day.

My 9AM game was Capes with Andrew Morris GMing. This was a “Mean Streets” game of Capes, that basicly involved a Sin City-esque setting and characters that just couldn’t do good. I played Jack the Blade and ended up taking over all crime in the city, only to lose the respect of my men and fail to impress my ex-lover.

My next game was Shooting the Moon with the designer Emily Care Boss. I’m writing more about this game here. We played the game with twice as many players as normal, but we simply split into teams to play the Suitors and the Beloved. The game was a comedic romp that didn’t descend into slapstick.

My final official game was Shock: run by the designer Joshua A.C. Newman. We titled the game Shock: Canny Row. More here. We had 2 out of the 4 protagonists die and yet the game had a happy ending (apparently this is rare). We all left the game deeply satisfied with how things turned out.

After that game I participated in a playtest of Verge that involved it getting refined into a very interesting game, in which you play a board game to generate story with a board that is created on the fly at the beginning of the game. This went till about 4 in the morning, when I went upstairs to crash.

The next morning my game was canceled, so I just hung out with folks and talked design and life. It was a ton of fun. I met lots of people, I don’t even want to list people, because I’m afraid I would forget someone. It was a joy to meet all of them, and I had a great time hanging out.

I returned home tired, but brimming with excitement. I’m going to start by revitalizing my blog and then move on to actually writing the game ideas that I have.