Dreamation 2007 – carry. a game about war.

My first game of the con. Adam and I signed up for this game, because it wasn’t getting love on the signup sheet. This is a game that I only had passing knowledge of and it wasn’t really on my radar primarily because of the subject matter. carry is a game in which you play U.S. Marines fighting in the Vietnam War and dealing with their various burdens.

The game was run by the designer Nathan Paoletta and we played with Joshua A.C. Newman. My character went from being a snotty little shit to being a proud warrior that goes on to become a U.S. Congressman. This was all crossed into Adam’s story about his black soldier confronting racism, and Joshua’s about love and loyalty. It was a terrific session, and carry is a game that I want to play again.


3 Responses to “Dreamation 2007 – carry. a game about war.”

  1. Yoki Says:

    I can’t wait to read that actual play post. Carry is a game I’m very excited about, and as soon as I buy a bunch of d12s we will play the game.



  2. dscleaver Says:

    I’m hoping that Adam writes up that AP. He was taking detailed notes while we played. I talked to him last night, and it’ll be written when he gets time. I’ll link it in when he’s done.

  3. larsbendybendy Says:

    Yeah, I look forward to Adam’s AP, too. I’m very curious about others’ feelings about the game.

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