Dreamation 2007 – Shooting The Moon

I played in this game on Saturday afternoon. The game was run by Emily Care Boss the designer. We were joined by Matthew Gandy, Michelle, Kat and Michael Miller. The game is designed for 2-3 players, but since Michelle, Kat, and Michael were going to have to step out a lot to set up the Indie Games Explosion Party, we decided to split into 3 teams.

We decided on playing a Shakespearian Comedy as our setting. Matthew and Michael played the Beloved, Duke Silvio, who’s wife had died bearing him a a daughter (Immanuella) and he wanted a son to be his heir. Emily and Kat played Dorina, Immanuella’s large, childlike nursemaid. Dorina was hiding from the Duke that Immanuella was her child switched with the Duke’s stillborn child at birth. Michelle and I played Lara, a former bandit posing as a high-born governess. She also had a twin sister Ilara to add to the confusion.

The story had a lot of great twists, with the Duke mistaking Ilara for Lara’s reflection several times. Dorina took advantage of a mirror as well to introduce her own “daughter” to the Duke. Poor Silvio was just too easily fooled. The whole story ended with the manor house being set on fire, and all of the participants running into and out of the burning building. The story was really great and helped demonstrate to Emily that the system could be used for comedy.


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