Dreamation 2007 – Shock:

My final official game of the convention was run by Joshua A.C. Newman. I was signed up as an alternate for this game, but I got lucky and they needed me. In addition to Joshua and I, at the table we had Ben Lehman, and Daniel Ravipinto.

Every game of Shock: begins with the creation of the Shock/Issue grid. We chose planetary colonization as our Shock and we had second-class citizens, xenophobia, and immigration as our Issues. We then set about creating our world. We decided that the story would be based on Europa and we developed Cannies, Domies, and LCLs. The Cannies were the original settlers of Europa and had lived their for generations forming their own traditions. Cannies live in small cylindrical houses that are launched at the planet, and when they land they burrow into the ice. In our story new Cannies had started to come to Europa and they were fiercely ignorant of the old Cannie traditions. In addition to the Cannies we had rich Earth settlers living in Domes with their Long-term Contract Laborers or LCLs.

At this point we created our Protagonists. I was playing a new Cannie missionary that had come to Europa to spread the word of God. His story goal was to form a congregation. Ben played an old Cannie and member of the Europa Defense league. Joshua played a former Domie that had moved into an orbital space station complete with mass driver, and wanted to be accepted by the Cannies. Finally Daniel played an LCL gardener/biologist who wanted to find a place for her son in the Dome. For our Praxis we chose compromise over spite and tradition over rebellion.

My character achieved his story goal post-humously after becoming a martyr protecting the converted younger sister of Ben’s character. Ben’s character attempted to crash the space station into the dome but failed, crashing it into the ice next to the dome instead. Luckily the computer system could still fire the mass driver, so Joshua’s character shot down the incoming colonization fleet that had Daniel’s character’s son on board. The fleet comes crashing into the dome, destroying it, but Daniel’s character manages to get into an emergency space suit and her son survives. She hooks up with my character’s wife and the sister of Ben’s character and together they develop a new and better life for the Cannies.

That was the short and sweet version of the story. Apparently that was one of the only Shock: games to end on a happy note and it left us all feeling very jazzed afterwards.


One Response to “Dreamation 2007 – Shock:”

  1. larsbendybendy Says:

    Dude, we didn’t need you. We wanted you.

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