Sockets, Goals, Payoffs and Design

If you haven’t read Mo’s post on the basics of sockets, goals, and payoff, then I advise you head over there now. Partly because Mo has good stuff that I think you should read, but also to save me the trouble of recapping it all here.

Now I don’t have a ton of design experience, but I have had a lot of ideas that so far haven’t materialized into what I want them to be. I do however have a design philosophy. I want to design games that I will enjoy playing. It would be nice if other people enjoy them as well, this being a social activity and all, but it’s not my first goal.

I would say that my problem up to this point has been understanding what I want from a game. A lot of this was caused by my discovery of Narrativist games. I identified this style of games as being what I was interested in, without any actual play experience. I gained some play experience online, but Dreamation really offered the full tabletop experience.

So post Dreamation, Mo and I started talking about my sockets, goals, and payoffs. I definitely have a primary story socket, with a secondary social socket. My payoff is experiencing an emergent story in cooperation with the other players. My goal is to achieve a state in which the group builds story and energy exponentially through the game experience.

Now here’s the cool part that just came to me the other day. Now that I know my goals and payoff, I can write my games to support my goals and help me achieve my payoff.


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