BibliOdyssey – First Thoughts

So Adam’s images from Itinerario led me to investigate the author
Jan Huyghen van Linschoten. To make a long story short, he basically copied top-secret Portuguese navigation charts, that helped the Dutch to gain a foothold into the East Indies. Even with the charts the Dutch could get to the East Indies, but the trip was perilous and many expeditions didn’t return, and thus my inspiration was born.

I want to frame the game around a Dutch ship headed to the East Indies. The crew will likely be fixed. Players will each choose a character to play and establish their character’s Links to home. Links to home can be used to reinforce the Bonds that a PC has with other crewmembers. So for instance you could show the locket with a picture of your sister to another crewmember while the two of you are sharing a drink one night, and this would increase the Bond that you have with that crewmember.

The scenes in which Bonds are strengthened are alternated with scenes in which the ship encounters dangers (i.e. being blown off course, running aground, storms, possibly starvation, or even mutiny). In these scenes the PCs will each deal with some portion of the crisis in some form of conflict resolution. Players can utilize other crewmembers within the conflict resolution and this will likely pull in a die equal to their bond size. If the initial roll fails, a crewmember’s die can be rerolled but only if that crewmember dies as a result of the resolution.

I’m probably going to build further around this initial idea. A lot of the thoughts around having a fixed cast, with the NPCs at risk of death is influenced by carry’s PCs and fodder.

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3 Responses to “BibliOdyssey – First Thoughts”

  1. Adam Dray’s image set - First thoughts « The BibliOdyssey RPG Design Challenge Says:

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  2. Mo Says:

    Carrack notes 1 2,, Princess Carolina, and in the bibliography here it says that Ralph Mazza (Universalis) did a “A Brief History of Wind Powered Ships.” as what I would presume to be fan material for 7th Sea. I amnaged to track it down to here. Although hard to sort through, the a repository of period ship plans and models, from the Danish National Archives, Royal Danish Museum, and Library of the Royal Danish Navy Has really cool plans for Danish, English, French etc. ships of the period. Carvel plans for the Nina and Santa Maria and Clipper plans (the close descendant of the Carrack). Oh, and VOC Shipwrecks might be of particular interest.

    Hope some of it helps.

  3. dscleaver Says:

    Thanks Mo. That is great. I read that article but didn’t look at the author. This stuff should provide me some of the background that I need.

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