BibliOdyssey – A Teaser

 Here’s what I’ve worked out so far as an intro:

At the end of the 16th century the Portuguese ruled the oceans from Europe to Asia. This would all change when Jan Huyghen von Linschoten published three books containing detailed charts and sailing instructions copied from the Portuguese. These documents allowed his Dutch countrymen to launch a small four ship expedition to Asia in 1594. The expedition failed to show any profit, but it proved that the Portuguese monopoly was broken.

In the subsequent years, many more expeditions would be sent to the Far East. Most of these expeditions returned successfully, but the journeys were still full of peril. GAMENAME will help you to create a fictional account of the crew of one of these ships.

You will play different members of a Dutch ship, separated from its fellow ships. The journey to the Far East presented many challenges and your characters will confront these challenges. They won’t be alone, they will have an opportunity to bond with the rest of the crew, increasing their chances of overcoming challenges.


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