An Inspiration at the Mall

So Kylene and I were in the mall and noticed a new store called Teavana. They had all kinds of interesting tea pots and some delicious teas. Staring at all of the tea pots made me think about a game that would revolve around a Japanese Tea Ceremony. I don’t know too much about the Japanese Tea Ceremony (yet), but I know that the structure is pretty rigid, so I think it would be interesting to do the game in the style of Jonathan Walton’s Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan and Waiting for the Queen/Tea at Midnight. Of course I have no time to look into this now. I’ve got the Bibliodyssey challenge to finish first.


2 Responses to “An Inspiration at the Mall”

  1. hamsterprophet Says:

    You must do this.

    You must be able to play it by actually drinking tea. I mean, it’s cool if you can play it without drinking tea as well. But I want to sit down and have tea with someone and play a game.

  2. Guy Shalev Says:

    And then you could rope Jennifer into playing too!

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