BibliOdyssey – That board game touch

So the reboot of my game involves having two scores, seaworthiness and progress, that change over time and trigger the end game. Now I was thinking of them simply as numbers that need to be tracked. Seaworthiness goes down, progress goes up. The problem was I didn’t like the feel of just manipulating numbers. Mo, Brand, and Daniel (you may know him as Ice Cream Emperor) helped me to realize that they could be represented on a track that gets followed. The best part about a track is that I get rid of numbers and adding/subtracting them. Instead you simply move a token down the track. This is similar to the scoring in Carcassone, except that Carcassone maintains the actual numbers on the scoring track. The other neat feature is that people can really have fun with the tokens, like blowing up the scoring track and using Pirates of the Spanish Main ships as tokens.


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