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Martial Arts – Trollbabe Style

June 11, 2007

Inspired by Brand’s post on playing Exalted with the Trollbabe system, got me to thinking about the rerolls available in a martial arts system. Together Brand and I came up with an interesting hack. It is currently untested. If you do test it, then please post in the comments to let me know how it goes.

Nothing changes with the choice of the Number, however the three realms of conflict change to Fighting, Chi, and Fame/Face. The last is a little wishy washy, because we never came up with a good name for it. When choosing specializations, think of them as the styles of martial arts that represent each of these three areas, some examples:

  • Tiger Fury/ Dragon’s Breath/ Crane’s Bearing
  • Tiger Claw / Dragon Breath / Phoenix’s Grace
  • Monkey Fist/ Drunken Rage/ Tiger’s Pride
  • Mantis Claw / Absolute Zen / Poise of the

The rerolls on the character sheet change to:

  • Sudden ally
  • Reveal a new technique
  • Use the scenery
  • Remembered wisdom of the master
  • Signature technique

Relationships stay the same, but can also be to weapons, dojos, masters, and rival schools.