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True Friendship research notebook

November 27, 2007

I’m going to try using Google Notebook to help organize some of the things that I find and my thoughts on them. I’m sharing the notebook, so that folks can take a look.


True Friendship Design Challenge

November 27, 2007

I joined the design challenge (account required) proposed by Shreyas and Elizabeth on Knife Fight. I selected the following blurb:

4. I love play that’s got minimal points of contact with the mechanics, and that incorporates both wild narrative and character drama. I love swashbuckling (my favorite author is Dumas!) and over-the-top adventure, but I also really like intimate romance and hard moral choices. I want to see more of what’s in the books I love in the games I love. Oh, and I also really like secret histories and counter-texts – like “what really happened in this time period” which is rooted in a genuine understanding of the history of the time.

In terms of play style, my players say that I’ve got a couple of characteristic things that I like to throw at them: One’s to force them to juxtapose scenes out of two different lives – like trying to keep your arch-enemy from killing you while you’re on a date with the girl of your dreams. Another’s to take their successes and use them as the next obstacles they have to face, but not in an obvious way – like letting them take over the multi-national company, but then having to deal with the fact that the whole organization is set up to be kind of evil. Finally, I tend to play in a relatively GM-less way (i.e. with everyone making up parts of the world and inventing their own consequences for each others’ actions) but I won’t acknowledge that it’s GM-less. 😉 Well, that’s because the GM’s role is mostly to coordinate everyone else’s contributions, and to be responsible for introducing things when no one else has ideas. So it’s a particular mode of play that I really enjoy, which isn’t quite GM-ed or GM-less but somewhere in between.

I’m hoping to keep my progress recorded here, even though I’m notoriously bad about that.