True Friendship – Passion and Steel

I completed my entry on time last week, and I’m just now getting around to posting it.

Passion and Steel 


2 Responses to “True Friendship – Passion and Steel”

  1. adamdray Says:

    This is really cool. It’s simple and elegant but very expressive. Very well explained, too. The scene framing, naming, and summaries are inspired genius.

    I have some concerns but only playtesting will see if they’re real.

    It seems that the two goals in a conflict are not supposed to be opposing. For example, if your goal is “I kill you,” your goal should NOT be “I do not get killed.” It should be something totally unrelated like, “I embarrass you in front of the King.” If the goals were always directly opposing, then you’d have two goal tracks where only one is needed. What if the opposing player just doesn’t have a second goal? For example, “You want to kill me? Well, that’s all I care about in this conflict!”

    You don’t talk about conflicts between two players. What about between three players and the GM? How do you handle those?

    What if the success of my goal nullifies your goal but you succeed, too? For example, your goal is “I find the Brass Idol and take it to the King” and my goal is “I melt the Brass Idol into slag.” If I succeed, you can’t, no matter how well you do.

    If I complete my story but no one else has completed his or hers, do I continue to play? To what end? With what direction? What if my character’s presence is necessary to complete your character’s story?

  2. dscleaver Says:

    Thanks, Adam. I’m particularly excited about the scene mechanics.

    The text mentions that the goal must not be mutually exclusive, but I definitely don’t draw enough attention to that fact, and how it is best accomplished.

    As for > 2 players. I sort of designed it from a two player perspective, and I didn’t have time or desire to work out exactly how it would work with multiple players. I’m hoping that some playtesting with multiple players will reveal the exact needs in that regard.

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