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A Moment on the Subway

May 28, 2008

A Moment on the Subway is an RPG Poem for three players, that takes place in the ten minutes after two people have noticed each other for the first time. It’s love at first sight… now what?

There are five roles in this RPG Poem. Two of the players need to play the two lovers. The third player will play the friend, the drunk, and the business man. Props will be used to distinguish which role the third player is currently playing. Grab a bottle for the drunk, and a briefcase or cellphone for the business man. The exact prop used is unimportant, as long as all of the players know which role each one represents.

The Lovers
Take a moment to decide on the details of the lovers. Ask some simple questions that will help you to get a basic feeling for these characters. What are the genders of the two lovers? How old are they? Don’t spend more than five minutes getting a feel for the characters. Revealing details in the scene, can be more fun than making them up ahead of time.

The Friend, The Drunk, and The Business Man
The friend, the drunk, and the business man exist to introduce complications for the interactions of the lovers. When you are holding the prop for a role, then you are currently playing that role. Put the props to full use, take swigs from the bottle, or talk loudly on the cellphone.

The friend role has no prop, so when you aren’t holding the bottle or the briefcase/cellphone, than this is the role that you are playing. You can decide whose friend you will be before the scene starts, or you can wait until play begins. If you decide to wait until play starts, be sure to make your choice very clear in your first few statements.

Playing the Scene
The scene begins just after the lovers have first noticed each other. Play proceeds with each player acting what their characters say and do. After ten minutes, one of the lovers needs to get off of the subway. The scene and the game ends at this point.


Game Chef 2008 – Critiques

May 4, 2008

Well it’s about a week into Game Chef critiques. Prehistoric Ties has gotten some great feedback that can be found here. I think the biggest take home so far is the game really needs strong advice and examples.