When the Giant Comes

In When the Giant Comes, you will play villagers that must protect their village from a giant. You will need 3-5 people, a blank piece of paper, and one 6-sided die.

Start by coming up with a role for your villager. Are they the butcher, the baker, or the town gossip? Take a moment to decide on your role, and inform the other players.

Making a Plan

Defending the village will require a cunning plan on the part of your characters. As they wait for the giant to arrive your characters will devise their plan. You’ll write the plan that you come up with on the blank piece of paper. Start on the left hand side by drawing the giant. Don’t worry about too much about the quality of the art, stick figures can be a lot of fun.

Your plan will consist of a number of steps equal to the number of players. Each of you will take a turn adding a step to the plan. Each step will be drawn on the sheet of paper, with an arrow pointing to it from the previous step. The first step will have an arrow pointing from the picture of the giant that you drew.

Your turn consists of two parts. First, the player to your right starts the turn by mentioning the approaching giant. This is done using one of the five senses to describe the giant. A sense that has already been used by the group can not be used again. Perhaps they can hear the sound of the giant bellowing or smell his foul breath on the wind.

For the second part of your turn, you will describe to everyone your step in the plan while you draw it on the sheet. Do you trip the giant, sing it a lullaby, or maybe cook it a delicious meal? There are no wrong answers to a step in the plan, the only constraint is that you can not resolve the giant problem unless you are the last player to take a turn. Think about using your characters role in the resolution if you can. Be sure to include the effect on the giant in your picture, and don’t forget to draw an arrow from the previous step.

When your turn is over, the player to your left takes the next turn. If you are the last player to go you need to ensure that the final step in the plan takes care of the giant problem for the village. At this point, you’ve completed the plan.

Executing a Plan

Once the plan is completed, you need to execute it. Play proceeds in turns again, starting with the first player again and moving to the left.

When you execute a step, the player to your right will take the role of the giant, while you describe and narrate the actions of your character. Play out the scene with the giant until you come to the moment where your character executes their step in the plan.

At that point, roll the die. On a result of 1 or 2, something goes wrong with the plan. On a result of 3 or 4, your step in the plan succeeds exactly as you planned. With a result of 5 or 6, the plan works even better than expected. If something goes wrong with the plan, then the next step can only work better than expected on a roll of 6. If the step worked better than expected, then the next step can only go wrong on a roll of 1. Work with the player playing the giant to narrate the outcome of your step in the plan.

If you are the last player, then after your step the group should do any closing narration that they feel is necessary to resolve the story. After any narration, the story ends.


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