Revealing a Secret

Revealing a Secret is a short for three people. One of your characters will have a secret that they need to tell another one of the characters. The last player will play a character that is constantly interrupting the other two.

Setting the Stage

You’ll need to decide several things before you start. Who are your characters, what is their relationship to each other, and where does this scene take place?  You can answer these questions in any order that makes sense to you as a group.

Once you know who everyone will be playing, decide which character will have the secret and whom they will be trying to tell the secret to. If you are playing the character with the secret, devise that secret now. Don’t tell the other players.

Playing it Out

If you are the playing the character with the secret, you can’t come right out and say it. You need to try to get the other player to guess the secret. You may hint around the secret, but not reveal it outright. When the third character is around or in the room, you can’t talk about the secret at all. No matter how much anyone else prompts you.

If you are playing the character that is being told the secret, try to make it challenging on the other character. Make wrong guesses or misinterpret clues. If you guess the secret really early on, try not letting on that you know right away. Make the other player work for it.

If you are playing the third character, try to interrupt at inopportune times. You should ask probing questions of the other two characters. Your character may or may not know that a secret is being revealed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be curious about what is going on.

Once the player being told the secret reveals in character that they know the secret, the short ends. Resolve any aftermath from the big reveal that you feel is necessary.


2 Responses to “Revealing a Secret”

  1. dscleaver Says:

    I’m not real proud of this one. It didn’t want to flow tonight.

  2. Marhault Says:


    Only 27 more to go!

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