Cookoff is a short for three to four players. You will play the interviewers, judges, and contestants of a cooking contest. You will need six 10-sided dice per person and a few pieces of paper. You may also want a calculator for some of the judging math at the end.

Begin by choosing a food for the cookoff. Some food ideas include: gourmet dishes, cakes, or chili. Now each player needs to generate a judge for the contest. Roll three 10-sided dice in secret and distribute the results amongst the three judging categories. The judging categories are taste, presentation, and innovation. These are your judge’s preferences in each category.


During the cooking phase, each contestant will be interviewed. Before the interview starts pick up six dice for your contestant. Now draw three circles on a piece of paper, and label them taste, presentation, and innovation. During the interview you will assign dice to each category. Choose another player to interview your contestant.

If you are the interviewer, ask the contestant questions about the dish that they are preparing. Be sure to bring up the judging categories and ask how the contestant intends to address the category in their dish.

If you are playing the contestant, place dice into the different judging categories as you talk to the interviewer. Every category must have at least one die in it. Don’t worry about having cooking knowledge, being evasive and confusing can be fun.


After all of the contestants have been interviewed the judging can begin. Each contestant rolls the dice that they placed in the judging categories. The highest die rolled in each category is the base score in that category.

Now compare the base scores to each judge’s preference in that category. If the preference is higher than the base score, then the judge loved what the contestant did in that category. The judge’s score for that category is one more than the base score, however no score may be above ten. If the preference is lower, then the judge found something wrong with the category. The judge’s score is one less then the base score. Otherwise the judge liked the category, and the judge’s score is the same as the base score. Record all of the judges’ scores for each contestant.

Each player now chooses a judge and an interviewer for their contestant. The interviewer will interview the judge about the scores that the judge gave the contestant. Keep in mind the scoring guidelines from above, during the interview.

Finally, average all of the judges’ scores together for each contestant. The contestant with the highest average is the winner, and one final interview ends the contest.


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