Falling is about a person that is falling from a tall building. While she (or he of course) falls her life flashes before her eyes. You will need a total of two players.

One of you will play the person falling. The most important detail that you need to decide is your character’s unfinished business. Did she leave something unsaid to someone or something undone? Discuss your character’s unfinished business with your other player.

Now as your character falls, you will play scenes from the character’s life. Specifically you will play out the scenes related to your character’s unfinished business. There is only time for three scenes from your character’s life before she hits the ground.

While playing a scene the player of the person falling is responsible for framing the scene and playing out the actions of all character’s except for their character. The other player is in charge of playing out the actions of the falling character within a scene. This player should push for the character to take actions of a negative nature. Bad decisions or poorly chosen words that would keep the character from making the connections required to finish their business.

Whenever the player of the person falling feels that the character has taken a negative action that provides the final punctuation on the scene, they should end the scene immediately. Ending a scene occurs when the player describes something in the real world that jolts the character temporarily back to her current predicament. Once three scenes have been completed the short is over.


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  1. dscleaver Says:

    I’m kind of meh on this one. I was grasping at something that was eluding me. Maybe I can take those ideas somewhere later.

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