Finding a Muse

In Finding a Muse, you and two to three other friends will play artists in a creative slump.

Each of you must decide on your character’s art. Is your character a painter, a writer, a sculptor, or something else? In addition decide on a fear that is holding your character back from creating. Discuss these decisions with your fellow players.

Play proceeds in turns, on your turn you will frame a scene for the character of the player on your right. After the scene ends play will proceed to the left. While framing a scene, incorporate the other players as characters within the scene as you need. Over the course of play you will frame three scenes, guidance on how to frame these scenes is provided below.

The first scene should serve to introduce the fear. Maybe it’s the first time that the character encounters the fear within themselves, or a moment in time that highlights it. The scene should end when the fear has been sufficiently established.

The second scene should expand on the character’s fear. Use this scene to reveal a new side to the fear, that might make it seem impossible to overcome. End the scene when it is clear that the fear has been expanded upon.

The third scene is the final scene for a character and should show the character’s fear being overcome. The culmination of this scene comes when the character has truly overcome their field, and the character should be creating as the scene “fades to black”.


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