I Have to Go Potty

In I Have to Go Potty you and two friends will tell a story about the adventures of a couple trying to get their toddler to the bathroom. Unfortunately nothing is easy. The bathroom is far from where you are located and getting there won’t be easy. You will need three six-sided dice.

First decide on where the story will take place. Choose a place where you can imagine obstacles that will block the parent’s progress. Now choose which of you will play the parents. If you don’t play one of the parents, then you will play any other people (including the toddler) and introduce the obstacles.

Start by describing the child’s announcement that they have to pee and can’t hold it any longer. After this, if you aren’t playing a parent, then introduce the first obstacle.

There are a minimum of three and a maximum of five obstacles in the game. To introduce an obstacle simply describe something that would get in the parents’ way. Try to provide a few details so that the players of the parents can use those details to overcome the obstacle.

To overcome an obstacle, the parents should come up with a plan to deal with the obstacle. A plan consists of three steps that deal with the obstacle. Be creative and have fun with it. Now roll the three dice, a result of three or higher is a success anything else is a set back. Assign one die to each step in the plan. Narrate the execution of the plan. If it makes sense to modify steps that come after setbacks, then do so as you play them out. If two out of three steps are setbacks, add one obstacle to the total that must be overcome.

Remember that the number of obstacles starts at three and ends at five. If you would need to add a sixth obstacle, then the story ends as the toddler can no longer hold it. If the parents overcome all obstacles that they need to, then they successfully get the child to the bathroom.


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