In Gopher you and a friend will play out the madcap escapades of a gardener trying to eliminate a gopher. One of you will play the gardener and the other will play the gopher. As the gardener you will set up elaborate traps to catch the gopher. As the gopher you will work to avoid the traps and turn them back on the gardener. You will need five six-sided dice to play.

If you are playing the gardener, take four of the dice. The remaining die goes to the player of the gopher. Begin play by describing the gardener discovering what the gopher has done to his gardens. After you’ve set up this initial situation, start the first trap.

To play a trap, begin with the player of the gardener describing the trap in detail. The player of the gopher then describes how the gopher intends to avoid the trap.  Now each of you roll your dice. Compare the highest die.

If the gardener has the highest die, then the gopher survives but does not turn the tables back on the gardener. Take one die from the gardener’s pool and add it to the gopher’s pool. If the gopher’s die is higher than the gopher turns the tables on the gardener, and the trap backfires on him. Take two die from the gardener’s pool and add them to the gopher’s pool.

Continue playing traps until the gardener has no dice left. At this point the gopher has beaten the gardener. Give attention to the moment when the gardener gives up. The closing action belongs to the gopher.


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