Proposal is a short about a guy preparing to propose to his significant other. You will need a total of two players. One of you will play the guy and the other will play friends and family that he spends time with as he prepares.

There are three scenes that you must play out. The first is asking permission. Traditionally a man asks a woman’s father for her hand in marriage, but don’t feel restricted by tradition. Decide on a character that the groom to be would feel the need to ask before proposing. Set the scene and play it out.

The second scene is the ring shopping. Ring shopping can include finding the ring or asking someone for it. Decide on who the other person in the scene will be. Some examples include an ex that he meets while shopping, a friend along to help, or the grandmother guarding a family ring. Set the scene and play it out.

The final scene is the proposal itself. The player of the proposer sets the scene and the other player plays the significant other. The scene ends when the significant other gives an answer to the proposal.


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