Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog is a short for two players. One of you will play a dog owner walking their dog, and one of you will play the distractions in the environment.You will need one six-sided die and a small piece of paper. You will track the leash’s strength on the sheet of paper, so write the starting value of twelve on it.

The player of the owner will begin the short by describing the perfect conditions of the walk. The other player should now describe a distraction for the dog. Maybe it’s another dog, a squirrel, or a car. Whatever the distraction is describe how the dog reacts, and how the owner responds to bring the dog under control. Every distraction puts some strain on the dog’s leash. Roll the die and subtract the amount from the leash’s strength.

Repeat the procedure outlined above, until the leash’s strength reaches zero or below zero. At this point the leash snaps and the dog is free. Describe how the owner chases down the dog and ends the walk.


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