Bully is a short about a school bully and victim. You will need a total of three people. One of you will play the bully, one will play the victim, and one will play various supporting characters.

If you are playing the victim, then write down three secrets for your character. Secrets are things that the victim would not want others to know especially the bully. Keep these secrets from the bully, but share them with the other player.

Play proceeds with scenes in which the bully will attempt to instill fear into the victim, by uncovering their secrets. The third player should choose any role appropriate for a scene. Within a scene the third player can provide hints to the victim’s secret, but can not reveal it to the bully outright.

If the bully can not guess the victim’s three secrets in six scenes, then the bully loses interest and moves on to  new victim. If the bully guesses all three secrets, then the victim is pushed into an uncomfrotable position. Ultimately a fight breaks out between the two. Play out the fight, deciding amongst yourselves if the bully or victim wins the fight.


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