Family Dinner

Family Dinner is a short for four people. You will all play members of the same family. Decide who will play the parents and who will play the children. How old are the children? Are they both boys, both girls, one of each? Who is older? Ask enough questions to give you all a sense of who the people you will play are.

Now each of you must write a secret that your character does not want at least one other person at the table to know. Write the secret down in sentence form, without revealing it ot anyone else. Make up names for characters in the secret that are not part of the family. Refer to these characters by name in the secret. Now rip the secret into three pieces and write your character’s name at the top of each piece. Distribute these pieces to the other three players.

Now the scene is set with the entire family eating dinner. The scene plays out as the family discusses their day. Use the three pieces of the other family member’s clues to pry, ask questions, or make innocent statments about how their day went. As your character, feel free to be evasive, but make it clear to the other players when you are lying about something. Also, if at any point the other family member’s guesses and hints reveal a better secret for your character, then feel free to admit this as your secret.

Play ends when all the secrets have been revealed. At this point, play out any wrap up to the scene that the group feels is necessary.


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    […] Cena in famiglia, di Dave Cleaver 4 giocatori Durata 15-30’ Due genitori e due figli (deciderete voi le età, la condizione sociale e tutti i dettagli). Ognuna delle persone sedute a tavola ha un segreto che non vorrebbe fosse noto agli altri componenti della famiglia. Lo scriverà su un bigliettino, lo dividerà in tre parti e ne darà una a ciascun famigliare. E ora… a tavola! […]

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