Lost is a short for two players about a husband and a wife lost in the city in their car. You will need a six sided die and a table where you can sit comfortably next to one another. The driver of the car should sit on the appropriate side of the car for a driver in your country.

Start the short with a scene where the couple admits to one another that they are lost. During this scene each player should announce in character a landmark that they remember on the way to where they are going. In this scene, also establish the couple’s ultimate destination.

The majority of play takes place at the intersections that the couple arrives at while lost. During these scenes each character will make a choice on which direction they think is preferred. Play theses choices out in character. First, the character that is not driving makes a choice on the direction they should travel. When a character states a choice, they should provide some reasoning behind it.

The driver now makes a choice and has three options.: concede to the passenger’s choice, argue for their own choice, or override the passenger’s choice with their own. If the driver chooses to argue, then play out the argument. The passenger can now either concede to the driver or continue to argue until the driver concedes or makes the decision for the couple.

Once a choice has been finalized, roll the die. The die roll determines what the actual correct direction to turn was. If the roll comes up a one or two, then the correct direction was right, a roll of three or four indicates straight, and a roll of five or six indicates left. If either player chose the same turn as the dice indicates, then their character notices something that indicates that they were on the right track. Play this part out appropriately based on what happened before the turn was made.

At the beginning of an intersection scene, one of the characters can notice one of the landmarks that were mentioned in the beginning. A landmark always clearly eliminates one of the three turn choices. Agree between the two of you, which choice makes the most sense to eliminate. Reroll the die if the eliminated choice is the result. Each landmark may only be used once.

The couple must drive in the correct direction four times before they can reach their destination. If they drive in the wrong direction four times, then they give up on trying to reach their destination. Play out the final scene with the couple’s ultimate success or failure.


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