For Control of the King

For Control of the King is a short for three players. The roles for this short are the Queen, the Archbishop, and the Jester. Each of these characters is trying to control the King in their own way.

Start by determining a central issue. All of the characters will try to control the King around what they want for the central issue. A good central issue can conceivable have many sides to it. Pick a side of the issue for your character, based on how you want to portray that character.

The characters are all sitting together discussing the King’s final decision. Each player will have a turn during which their character’s machinations and their outcome will come to light. If it’s your turn, the other two players will describe in character the parts of your character’s manipulations that they witnessed. Your character can confirm or deny any accusation of manipulation. They must always describe the King’s reaction.

During a player’s turn, the other players should talk about approximately five different instances of their character’s manipulations of the King. Ultimately a player can not narrate ultimate success over the King with any of their plans.

After all of you have had a turn, decide as a group on the King’s ultimate position with regards to the issue. No one can petition for their character’s position on the issue to be the King’s. Now take one more turn in character, to discuss your character’s reaction to the King’s position.


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