Wake Up

Wake Up is a short for two people about someone asleep at the bus station. The story will play out in a dream that the person is having while they sleep. The dream ends when the bus comes and they wake up. One of you will play the dreamer and one of you will play the dream. Before you start, decide who the dreamer is and where they are going. The dreamer gets a pool of six 6-sided dice.

The dream occurs in a series of scenes. Each scene begins with a sound or person in the real world that translates into the dreamer’s dream. If you are playing the dream, begin a scene by describing something in the bus station that will insert itself into the dream. If you are playing the dreamer, then describe the dreamer asleep in the bus station. Now play should transition to the dream itself. If you are playing the dream, then describe how the element of the real world manifests in the dream. Play out the scene from there.

At the end of a scene, roll the dreamer’s pool of dice. Remove any dice that come up as sixes. If the dreamer’s pool is not empty, then continue with a new scene. If the pool is empty, then have one last scene which is slightly different than the others. In this scene after the player of the dream describes the item in the real world as usual, but this time the item wakes the dreamer. The player of the dreamer should describe how the dreamer wakes up. At this point the short comes to an end.


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