Return of the Knight

Return of the Knight is a short about a knight returning to the king after slaying a dragon. There are three roles for you and your friends to play, the knight, the princess, and the king.

The Knight

The Knight has just returned from slaying a dragon. The death of the dragon was a requirement from the King for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Decide if the Knight actually slew the dragon. Perhaps instead he struck a deal. No matter what the Knight should claim that he slew the dragon, when the scene opens. In addition, decide if the Knight loves the Princess.

The King

The King sent the knight to kill the dragon believing that he would die. He will remain skeptical no matter what the Knight claims. He should demand proof and question every detail of the Knight’s story.

The Princess

The Princess is the role with the most flexibility. If you are playing the Princess, then you have several decisions to make. Does the Princess want to marry the Knight? Is she in love with him? How does she feel about her father sending him to slay the dragon?

Playing it Out

Now that you have everyone’s motivations and desires. Play out the scene in character. The scene ends when any character leaves the room.


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