Sick as a Dog

Sick as a Dog is a short for three players about a person that is trying to accomplish something despite being much too sick. Decide on who the person is and what they are trying to accomplish. Decide on four symptoms that the person has from their illness. One of you will play the sick person, one will play the illness, and the other will play people that the person interacts with while they try to accomplish their task.

The short plays out in three scenes. In the first scene, the illness should take a back seat in the scene. If you are playing the illness, choose a single symptom that will appear prominently in the scene. The first scene should show the person starting their task. Decide on a third person that the sick person must interact with at the beginning of the task. If you are playing the illness, then you describe the illnesses symptoms within the sick person. Play out this scene until the player playing the illness decides that it should end. At this point they describe another symptom appearing in the person, in a way that causes them to have to excuse themselves.

The second scene should show the person in the middle of their task when the worst of the illness hits. The player of the illness should choose two of the remaining symptoms to manifest themselves strongly in this scene. The third player should play someone that is trying to comfort the sick person and convince them to stop what they are doing and lay down. The third player is responsible for ending this scene, by either having their character either give up or convincing the sick player to lay down.

The third scene will reveal if the sick character finally achieves their task. The sickness is not done yet, so the player of the illness should use the final symptom in this scene. The third player will play one last concerned companion as the character tries to achieve their task. This character should take on a negative role, actively trying to keep the sick character from achieving their task. This scene ends when the player of the sick character decides if the character finally accomplishes their task. Play out the final accomplishment.


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