Traffic is a short for 2-4 players. In this short you will play the driver and passengers in a car that is stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, the group has somewhere to be and every minute that passes increases the chances that they will be late.

Start by deciding who will play the driver. This player will have the responsibility of setting the pacing of the short. They will interject random traffic events into play and control when traffic begins to flow and stop again.

Once you’ve chosen a driver, decide where the group is going and why they can’t be late. This should play prominently within the short, since not being late should be on everyone’s minds. Who are your characters? How do they relate to the group?

Now arrange four chairs in a square just like they would be in a car. Find and sit in your character’s spot within the “car”. Proceed by making conversation in character as you sit in the car. Some suggestions for topics include talking about the traffic, talking about what your character will do when they get to the destination, or what will happen if the group is late.

At any point the driver can interrupt the current conversation by yelling at “another driver” on the road. This should reset the current conversation moving it on to a new topic. In addition the driver progresses the short forward by indicating that traffic is moving again. Allow a short time for passenger reactions to the news, before announcing that traffic has stopped again. The third time the traffic gets moving, it does not stop again and the short ends.


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