Cooking the Turkey

Cooking the Turkey is a short for two players. One of you will play someone cooking a turkey. The other will play any problems or obstacles that arise while the turkey is cooking. You will need four 6-sided dice to play.

Begin the game with preparation. The turkey must be prepared before it goes into the oven. The player of the cook should explain what the cook is doing to prepare the turkey. At this point the other player will describe a problem that is developing with the turkey. This begins a series of exchanges between the cook and the problem.

When a series begins, each player should roll two dice. The player with the highest die will describe an action or development within the series. In the case of a tie the cook always gets precedence. Discard the highest die and the series continues with the player with the next highest die. If the player of the cook isn’t the last player to go, then they get the final word on any exchange. After a series ends, wrap up the scene as necessary.

Play out two more scenes before the short ends. Some examples of possible scenes include basting the turkey, taking the turkey out of the oven, or presenting it to the family. The final scene should provide closure on the fate of the turkey, either with it’s ruination or confidence that it will come out delicious.


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