The Only Toy

The Only Toy is about several parents that are all trying to get the one toy that their child wants the most. Unfortunately there is only one left in the store. The short is written for play with four people. You will each play both a parent, and the obstacles in the way of the other parents. You will need six 6-sided dice.

Decide what kind of toy the parents are trying to acquire. Have someone begin the game by describing the toy alone on a shelf in the store and visible to all the parents. Each player should now take a moment to describe their character. While you are describing your character also describe your character catching sight of one of the others. A moment of realization that they both want the same toy.

Now each player will take turns trying to make it to the toy. Describe how your character attempts to make progress toward the goal. The player to your left should now describe an obstacle that would keep your character from making progress towards the goal. If you are the first player pick up all of the dice and roll them, otherwise roll the dice that were passed to you from the previous player.

If you rolled any sixes, then your character successfully doges the obstacle with no problem. Set aside those sixes and describe your character’s success. If you did not roll any sixes, then mark down a strike for your character and collect all previously discarded dice and add them back in to the pool. Your character gets tangled up with the obstacle and the player to your right gets to describe exactly how. Once your turn is over pass the dice pool on to the next player.

After three strikes your character is out of the race for the toy. If there is only one player left, then that parent gets the toy. After you describe their triumph, the short ends.


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