The Story of Freddie the Snitch

In The Story of Freddie the Snitch, you and two to three friends will play out Freddie’s story. Freddie was a small time bookie snitching on the mob, and they want to know exactly what he squealed about. You will play the mafia enforcers that were the last to see Freddie. You will need a standard deck of cards. Take two cards of each suit and the ace of spades and make a small deck out of them. Shuffle the cards together.

Start out by describing, as a group, how your characters captured Freddie, and where they took him afterwards. Play will proceed with scenes where your characters interact with Freddie, either to get information from him, feed him, or just talk with him. Take turns having these scenes.

Choose another player to play Freddie during a scene. That player should draw a card from the mini-deck. If the card is a heart, then Freddie spends the scene in pain or gets hurt during it. If the card is a diamond, then Freddie tries to bargain with his captor with money. If the card is a club, then Freddie pleads for his life. If the card is a spade, then Freddie struggles against his bonds and lashes out at anyone who comes near him. If the card is an ace of spades, then it’s Freddie’s last scene, your character will kill him. Describe as a group how the character’s dispose of the body.


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