In Homecoming, you and a friend will tell the story of someone that is returning to their home town for the first time after at least ten years. One of you will play the prodigal and one of you will play the people that they interact with in their hometown.

The story deals with the prodigal exploring the places that they remember from their childhood. The player of the prodigal should frame scenes starting with a brief monologue of a place that the prodigal remembers from childhood. The other player now describes how the prodigal finds the place in question. You can start with the prodigal already at the place, or the scene can be about them finding it. A scene ends when you both feel that it is appropriate to end it.

If you aren’t playing the prodigal, then it is your responsibility to introduce change into the places that the prodigal visits. Stores change ownership or close. Sometimes the only changes are the people. Maybe the place is exactly the same, but no one remembers the prodigal. Often things are smaller then the prodigal remembered them.

If you are playing the prodigal, you could use an old favorite hang out, a favorite store, or even the tree with the prodigal and a high school sweethearts carved initials in it. Draw on these memories from your own life, and use these to help fuel your ideas. After the prodigal has visited three different places end the short.


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