In Elevator you and two to four friends will play people that are trapped in an elevator. Decide who your character is. Give them a name at least, but you will probably also want to know what they do for a living and who they are close with. Some of these questions can be answered on the fly during play. Also you should come up with a connection to one other character in the elevator. This can be done in play as well, but should be completely clear to the other players when revealed in play.

Begin with the moment that the elevator stops. Play out this moment in character. Set a timer for one half-hour.

When the timer goes off, the elevator will begin moving again. Meanwhile stay in character and interact with each other. Try playing the game in a small space that simulates the elevator. The characters should open up to one another as time progresses. This isn’t a requirement, but it should make it more interesting.

After the timer goes off, have each character exit as if they were getting off on their correct floor. The “correct floor” is of course completely arbitrary, but should serve any dramatic necessity, such as leaving two characters alone.


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