Last Hope

Last Hope is a short for four to five people. The story centers around one person who is the last hope for mankind and their doubts. One of you will play this person, and the rest will play that person’s companions. Each of the companions need to teach the chosen one in order to overcome the doubts that fester inside. Brainstorm to come up with a number of doubts equal to the number of players. Also decide who each of the characters are. Continue when you are all comfortable with the set up.

Each player of a companion will take a turn having a scene with the chosen one. Before the scene begins, the player of the companion should choose a doubt that their character will help the chosen one to overcome. Frame a scene in which the companion can teach the chosen one to overcome the doubt. Play out the scene, until the player of the chosen one feels that their character has learned to overcome the doubt.

Once all of the companions have had a turn, there will be one final doubt left. The player of the chosen one should frame a scene for the whole group of characters. This final doubt is a doubt in all of the companions, and in the final scene the chosen one will help them overcome the doubt.


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