Tryst in the Woods

Tryst in the Woods is a short for three people. Two of you will play a couple meeting in secret in the woods and the third will play the people opposed to their love. You will need five 6-sided dice. These dice will form the initial dice pool.

The opposition frames two simultaneous scenes, one for each lover. If you are playing the opposition, then you can frame one character into a scene, and then cut over to the other lover. Cut back and forth as it feels appropriate.

A scene should focus on the lover trying to avoid the people opposed to their union while searching for their lover. Play out the scene until it reached a decisive climax. The climax is a moment that should decide if the lover successfully escapes or is tangled up. If one of the scenes reaches a climax before the other, then cut back and bring the other scene to a climax.

When the scenes each reach a climax, one of the players of the lovers should pick up the current dice pool and roll all of the dice. Remove any sixes that are rolled from the pool. If a six was rolled, then the lovers escape the obstacles in their scenes and make progress towards one another. If a six was not rolled, then they are held up by their obstacles and are led away from one another. Describe as a group how the various outcomes occur in the story.

When the last die is removed from the pool, the lovers find one another. Play out their reunion, and wrap up the story in anyway that you feel is appropriate.


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