Quick Guide to 30 Shorts

I’ve gotten several requests that I make a quick summary that points out the shorts from the past month that I think are worth someone taking a look at. I’ll do five, since it’s a nice number.

  • When the Giant Comes – The second short that I wrote and the first that I was really excited about. The plan as an artifact of play really excites me.
  • I Have to Go Potty – I really like the subject matter of I Have to Go Potty. I also can really see how the short plays out, and I’m already looking at reusing some of the mechanical concepts in Prehistoric Ties.
  • Family Dinner – I like the secret mechanic in this one. Splitting the secret into pieces so that each of the other players has something to work with, but not the whole picture.
  • Tryst in the Woods – I used a similar mechanic to this one in a few of the shorts that I did, but I think this was my favorite implementation. This short might need a little more, but what’s there inspires me.
  • The Only Toy – My Black Friday short, another dwindling dice pool game, but this implementation is closer to the original dice game that inspired me. I think this has potential.

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