Prehistoric Ties – New and Improved

I just finished rewriting Prehistoric Ties. I’m particularly happy with this as a basis for more playtesting.

You can find the newest version here.


One Response to “Prehistoric Ties – New and Improved”

  1. Adam Dray Says:

    Interesting. I’d give this a try. I’m very concerned about a couple things, all of which can be summed up as, “there’s no GAME here.” But that could just be my prejudices at work.

    My feeling is that a game needs a fiction/SIS and IIEE to be a role-playing game. Further, an activity needs some kind of currency tracking to be a game.

    Prehistoric Ties has the fiction, of course. I don’t see any kind of procedure for getting stuff into the fiction, though, short of “mom and dad figure out how to agree how they resolve this problem.”

    The conflicts are artificial. The rules actually say that mom and dad will resolve them to their satisfaction. This makes the victory seem hollow. The game is really about resolving parental issues, but these victories are just as hollow, I think. The issues have no “teeth” and no matter what any player does, they will resolve their issues if they want to.

    All that aside, I’d be willing to playtest this with you. Maybe this is something we can do in the car!

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